Google Changes Its Definition Of ‘Top Ads’

In a recent email from Google to all its advertisers, they announced that they have changed their definition of “top ads” in their help centre.

This indicates a shift in how ads are integrated with organic search results. This change emphasises the fluidity of ad placements, allowing them to appear both above and below the top organic results, depending on the query. Such a strategic update hints at Google’s ongoing efforts to optimise ad visibility and effectiveness without altering performance metrics.

Why is this important? This approach could potentially offer advertisers increased opportunities for engagement and clicks.

Here is an extract from the email that was sent out recently:


As ads placement continues to evolve on Search, we remain dedicated to connecting you with users interested in your products and services. We’re updating our definitions related to top ads: top ads can appear above organic results and can also appear below organic results for certain queries.
Specifically, we’re updating the following definitions in our Help Center.

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